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Our last motorhome was our favorite.  It was a 1996 Country Coach.  We already sold it years ago, but you can view it here if you like.




Thank you for visiting our site.  Our days of full-timing are long gone.  We miss the old days, but the new ones are just as exciting.  We do not sell anything anymore, but would love to say hello if you would like to write. 

Here are some valuable things we learned by full-timing in our motorhome:

1. A parked motorhome is too small, no matter how big.  It if is moving, it is big enough no matter how small.   Once you park for a long time and become a fixture, your little house will become pretty miserable.   For us, 3 months in one place was the absolute maximum.   So, if your budget will not allow for you to buy some fuel to keep you moving to see new things, you might not want to be fulltimers.   We found fuel to be one of the smallest parts of our budget though.

2. Workamper news is great fun, even if money is not an issue for your fulltiming experience.  The website is http://www.workamper.com.   Do not pick a place to go based on what jobs are there, but rather pick a place you really want to see, and find a job nearby.  You will certainly get your space and utilities for free, and might make some extra, for a few hours per week.  Not only is this good for you, it will rapidly help you make new friends everywhere you go, and reap you tons of valuable insight into the area.  For example,  I would never have known so much about Gettysburg if I had not worked there for 3 months.  

3. Escapees and FMCA are both valuable memberships for fulltimers and you will find opportunties for the membership fees to pay for themselves.   

4.  Good Sam is also good for some things like fulltimer insurance and a motorhome extended warranty.  You have to make them pay by a couple of extra phone calls each time, and a letter once in a while, but overall we made out very well by having a Good Sam extended warranty on our coach.  If you are not a "handy person", this is a must.  It is too expensive otherwise to simply have things fixed when they come up.  

5.  Foremost insurance is good for fulltimers.   We had a very good experience with them, and they offer very customized insurance for full-time RVers.  We recommend going high on the contents insurance, as replacing everything you have due to fire or theft will always cost twice as much as you estimate.   Compare your rates with Good Sam as they are both good.

6.  The bigger the motorhome, the better, until you get past 36 feet.  While 38 feet will fit in a lot of places, we found our 36 footer to be better for "most" places, especially national parks and state campgrounds.  Our 34 footer was even better, but it seemed like the additional 2 feet gave us tons of more room.  A basement model is essential.  Don't go any other way.  

7.  Rubber roofs are bad.   It is like the unwise man in Scripture who built his house on the sand, rather than on the rock.   Just don't do it.   If you buy a coach with a fiberglass or a metal roof, you will always be glad you did, even if you don't know better.

8. The air brakes on a diesel pusher are much better than on a gas motorhome.  However, the additional investment for diesel would not be worth forgoing a basement model or a longer coach, in our opinion, especially if you seldom move from place to place.  However, if you can, the diesel will be better overall, and buying a used one will help on resale value and losing as little to depreciation as possible.  

9. Don't buy a new motorhome, it is like throwing money down the toilet to depreciation.  It is never worth it.   Usually you will like the used one even better as the bugs are sometimes all worked out by the previous owner.  Buy an extended warranty on the used coach from Good Sam. 

More later when things come to mind!

Dear Fulltimer.us:

I just had to drop you a line and say thank you for the extremely valuable information (in plain English, I might add) you provide on your website.  My parents (73 yrs old) have, in the past 30 days, sold almost everything they own and will be picking up their new motorhome to become fulltimers on July 28th.  I am very very sad to see them go but I am pleased that they are fulfilling their longtime dream.  I pray that it is everything they dreamed it would be and more.  They are wonderful, loving people that deserve some happiness in their senior years.  

I must admit, I am scared to death due to their age and previous health problems though.  Therefore, two-way communication is absolutely crucial to me and affordability equally important.  After visiting your site, I feel I can now make intelligent informed choices.  Thank you so much!!!!




Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you around the campfire sometime soon!


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